Quale è il migliore esame di inglese per lo studio e il lavoro all’estero? Dieci ragioni per preferire IELTS rispetto a TOEFL

venerdì, ottobre 28th, 2011

Via Scoop.itIELTS

1. IELTS is the world’s most popular high-stakes English test. Each year, more people take IELTS than TOEFL. In 2011, more than 1.4 million people took IELTS.   2. IELTS is recognised by more immigration authorities than TOEFL.   3. The world’s top 30 universities trust IELTS. IELTS is recognised by USA’s top 25 universities. MIT even states a preference for IELTS.   4. Unlike TOEFL, IELTS candidates do better in university from day one. Research shows that students with higher IELTS scores, achieve higher grade point averages in their first year of study overseas.   5. IELTS prepares you for real world communication. TOEFL only tests academic English skills. IELTS tests both academic and everyday language skills.   6. An IELTS candidate is an international player. TOEFL only uses American English. IELTS accepts and uses both British and American English.   7. An IELTS score shows how well you can use English, not how well you can take tests. Success at IELTS does not depend on exam technique.   8. Relaxed candidates perform better, and the IELTS experience is designed to be as painless as possible. TOEFL candidates speak to a machine – stressful and unnatural – IELTS candidates are interviewed in person by a trained examiner who puts you at your ease.   9. IELTS is at your convenience. IELTS offers more test dates in more locations than TOEFL.   10. IELTS is excellent value for money. Register for an IELTS exam with the British Council and get instant free access to 30 hours online practice material, as well as eligibility to apply for the British Council IELTS scholarship.   Prepared by Patricia Chow and Kimberly Cho from Institute of International Education.   http://www.britishcouncil-ieltsforusa.com/v1/in-enhttp://britishcouncil.it/ielts  



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